A curated list of data tools to help you make better product decisions

Taplytics allows app makers the ability to test different experiences and push out minor fixes, like visual bugs or typos, without having to wait on the App Store’s slower release cycle. They also offer analytics and push notifications.


With VWO's visual editor, you can set up A/B tests and targeting campaigns. Hit up your website, click on what you want to change and you're good to go.


Amazon offers an A/B testing service in its SDK package for mobile apps. It's free and it allows app makers to test anything within the app with the ability to set custom distribution groups and a kill-switch on top.


Maxymiser is a powerful solution to optimize customer experience and create sophisticated campaigns. Providing simple A/B tests right through to sophisticated multivariate tests, with the ability to quickly and easily create and launch tests on any public or secure page


Optimizely is a firm that makes customer experience optimization software for companies. The Optimizely platform technology provides businesses with the ability to conduct A/B testing, multivariate testing and personalization that may be used for making data-driven decisions.